Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Seattle DUI lawyer, Nate Webb discusses: Didn't think you waived your rights during your DUI arrest, think again! Cops are trained to trick you!

Did you "Waive" your rights when you were processed for DUI?  

You probably did and didn't know it.

Be aware that cops are not on your side once you have been arrested. For example the supposed "waiver" of your rights portion of the Constitutional Rights form presented to every DUI client in Washington purposefully omits the word "waiver" from the advisement.

It reads:
"I understand my Constitutional Rights. I have decided not to exercise these rights at this time. Any statements made by me are made freely, voluntarily, and without threats or promises of any kind."

The form is written in this fashion so that you don't realize you are in fact waiving your rights! That is also why the first sentence says "I understand my Constitutional Rights." The cops know most people who have been arrested are scared, anxious, nervous and just want to get the process over, that is why the form is created in this fashion, they figure if they just say you are acknowledging your rights in the same sentence as the supposed "waiver" it will fool the defendant, and sadly they are correct. 

That being said, call the Webb Law Firm (425) 398-4323 if you or anyone you know has been accused of DUI or any other misdemeanor offense in Washington State, we know what we are doing, we have helped literally hundreds upon hundreds of persons with their criminal cases with fantastic results.