DUI checkpoints in Washington State?

Legislator calls for DUI checkpoints.  Even though the Washington Supreme Court finds such checkpoints too invasive upon citizens, this particular legislator wants to overlook that and put it to a vote.  Essentially every time a legislator wants to make a name for his or herself, they promote a hot topic issue which has already been decided.  It is the squeaky wheel gets the oil mentality.  Basically they say to their constituents, "I will carry on about an issue until I get my way despite the constitutional precedent."
Here is an excerpt from King5.com reporting on the issue:

Last week, a Port Orchard man was arrested for drunk driving for the 13th time. It's a shocking case for many of us, but not for state Representative Roger Goodman. While he says this case is an example of the extreme, he believes the state needs to do a much better job tracking repeat drunk drivers and pushing for tougher drunk driving laws. The Democrat from Kirkland pushed hard last session to increase penalties and toughen the state's drunk driving laws. Goodman plans to continue that when the Legislature gets together in January. One of the proposals he will be introducing is the creation of sobriety checkpoints. They would require every driver to stop and be checked for alcohol, "To set up a system in known corridors, mostly on Friday and Saturday nights, we would have law enforcement pulling people over." Right now, these checkpoints aren't allowed under the Washington Constitution. "Our courts in Washington have prohibited these sobriety checkpoints where law enforcement would pull over law abiding people as well drunk drivers," said Goodman. "That's considered too much of an invasion of privacy."

Now all you have to do is a search engine inquiry for "Washington DUI checkpoints" to see that legislators always promote something like this in an attempt to further their career.  The Washington Supreme Court has already ruled on this issue and bringing it up over and again is not how you "get your way," it is a juvenile tactic.  Don't get me wrong, I don't condone impaired driving, but DUI checkpoints invade an individual's privacy and there is no study which relates DUI checkpoints to reduction of DUIs.
About the author:
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