Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Seattle DUI Attorney, Nate Webb, addresses the DUI client who says, "I saw on the internet...."

I’ve done my research, so I just want to hire you to get my case dismissed, it will be easy because the cop lied and it should be dismissed!

Okay, now I’m not doubting that you may have some issues in your case.  Sometimes there are issues which may possibly result in a dismissal of your DUI or at the very minimum suppression of evidence.  That being said, the vast majority of DUI cases are not dismissed, it is probably less than 5% that are dismissed (and I don’t mean by way of a Deferred Prosecution).  What I mean is a dismissal due to some evidentiary issue (very likely the stop was invalid or there was no probable cause for arrest).  The great majority of DUIs are reduced to lesser offenses than what was originally charged. 

When you talk about the research you have done, be very leery about websites spewing stories about a person’s friend’s uncle’s cousin’s case where the judge threw out the case.  Many times those sites and stories are simply hyperbole and, sadly, many times they are just complete fabrications. I’ve had numerous people come in to meet me at a consultation and will say things such as, “I looked it up and if the cop didn’t have a reason to stop me, the case has to be dismissed.”  I typically say, yes that is true, but I would highly doubt the cop will admit he just pulled you over because he saw you leave a bar, there will be more to his story. 

(I did not produce the video below and don't conduct myself like this with clients but just put it on here as an example of the reality of DUI defense - sometimes we don't always remember the facts correctly) 

People wisely are utilizing the internet to research defenses to their DUI charge, but nothing, I repeat, nothing will take the place of an experienced DUI attorney.  The truly skilled DUI lawyer will prepare your case, find out what applicable strategies and defenses there are and be able to effectively utilize those either in negotiations or in court. 

My point is that no amount of research is going to take the place of a seasoned DUI attorney analyzing and applying argument in front of a court regarding your issues.  Sometimes the court will agree and sometimes (most of the time) the court will not.  The reality is, a lot of judges are hesitant to dump a DUI even if, legally, it is the right thing to do.  I personally believe in those situations some judges want to make the defendant have to appeal the case and spend the time, money and effort to get what is rightful.  That is an awful thing to conclude, but alas it is a reality.  Of course, contrarily there are many respectful judges who have the integrity to do what is right.  This is also a reason why you need a DUI attorney familiar with the judges in each court, no amount of research will help you there.  Without that knowledge you may be speaking to a brick wall. 

So, in summary, even though you may have done your research, effectively applying your theory of the case and defense to your issue(s) requires skilled DUI representation. 
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