Monday, August 18, 2014

Good marketing versus Great Lawyering - who do you want standing with you in court?

In this day and age of social media, easy access to hundreds of potential lawyers, doctors, plumbers, etc. marketing a business is extremely valuable and necessary.  However, in the context of what is a good law firm or doctor, etc. versus what is a snappy marketing campaign the user/client can become sucked into the hype. 

A great marketer is going to make that businesses ROI shine but a great marketer does not make a great lawyer or doctor or plumber or restaurant.  How many times have you been to a restaurant based upon the advertising of that restaurant?  What about choosing a professional service such as a doctor or lawyer?  Would you really select a professional service based upon a clever website, a letter sent to your home, or catchphrase you hear on the radio?  Is that smart?  Does that indicate the professional service has integrity or has produced positive results.  Of course it doesn’t.

I have heard professional services advertising using snappy 1-800s on the radio but that snappy number and advertisement does not mean you are going to receive competent and articulate service.  I have a 1-800 number but it doesn't in an of itself tell a client I'm a great DUI attorney does it?  What does is Results, period!

It is really amazing how our minds can be influenced by simple phrases or marketing gimmicks, but that is how advertising works.  The internet is a valuable asset for a professional service but good old fashion word of mouth is really a key element when selecting a professional.  I know I wouldn’t choose an eye surgeon because he or she had a great 800 number catchphrase, so should you choose a great lawyer based upon snappy, witty, clever advertising or based upon results.  It’s obvious what you should do when selecting an attorney, look at their results.

My suggestions is that you be very cautious about getting roped into clever advertising when you are looking for someone to assist you with a criminal case.  I 800 DISMISSED or something similar doesn’t for one minute mean the lawyer on the other end of the phone is competent, it just means he/she is an effective marketer.  Do you want a good marketer standing in court in front of a jury or a great lawyer?

DUI Blog on Marketing vs. Lawyering