Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Advertising for DUI attorneys.

With the increased use of social media, it is imperative attorneys utilize those services to ensure a web presence.  Facebook and Twitter are of course, integral to a firm's web presence but more importantly a web presence on search engines is a necessity.  There are several well-known search engines but lesser services where the client is able to further evaluate potential attorneys more closely are popping up.  Thumbtack is just one that comes to mind.  It is a service wherein a potential client can search a specific location, specific area of law and search through numerous profiles of potential attorneys for their review. 

I have utilized many avenues to display my services, but potential clients must be mindful of the skill of the attorney in the courtroom NOT their advertising prowess.  It is irrelevant to an attorney's skill level if they have the number one position on a search engine all that says is that (a) they are either great at marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or (b) they have hired someone who is.  It says nothing about their abilities as an attorney.  Yes placement helps with potential client's abilities to research, but the better mode is to compare and then ask around for personal references.  You can check out my thoughts on "Who To Hire" on my website.  That article will give you many decision making ideas when you begin your research for your next DUI attorney.  If you ever have questions about a DUI arrest, call Nate Webb at (425) 398-4323 for your always free consultation.