Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Client fires one DUI firm and with me was able to garner a DUI dismissal...

My client was charged with DUI with breath tests of .088 and .088.  We entered a plea to a reduced charge that will be dismissed in one year so long as the client abides by certain conditions (pays a fine and stays out of trouble).  A dismissal is still a dismissal however you can get it and my client was very pleased, even her traffic citation was dismissed.

This was just another example of the excellent results you can obtain if you hire the Webb Law Firm, Seattle's Premier DUI Defense firm!

Prior to hiring Seattle DUI Lawyer, Nate Webb, the client had fired another so-called DUI firm (one that sends out letters to everyone across the state charged with any number of crimes and resorts to scare tactics and cut-rate fees to garner clients).  At that firm, the client was shuffled around to several different attorneys (never had the same attorney handling her case), never had anyone go over her case in detail or view the videos with her, never received specialized attention and was basically, according to the client, treated poorly.  The "head attorney" of the firm told her, when she called to change attorneys, "I'm looking at the video right now of your booking and you are putting your fingers in your mouth, I can get that breath test thrown out."  The client and I went over the videos later that week and what the attorney claimed never happened!  It was a sales pitch, a desperate attempt to keep a client by fabricating what was on the video. Beware of those cut-rate firms who send out form letters, this is how they treat clients, who are then, not surprisingly, unhappy with the lack of attention and poor manner of handling their cases.

Don't settle for cut-rate, inexperienced, unprofessional representation, call Seattle DUI Attorney, Nate Webb, (425) 398-4323 for help with your DUI arrest.

City v. A.D.  - Case No.: 3Z0662305 KIR